Camp Shower Accessories


Paha Que Camp Shower Floor

The Paha Que Camp Shower Floor is a tray like base which holds the used water when you shower. This is a useful accessory to have at campsites since it prevents formation of puddles. If the topography of the campsite is not flat, then the runoff water from showers stagnates in low lying ditches, triggering [...]

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Camp shower accessories can make all the difference out in the woods. Your first time out with your new camp shower you probably only chose to take the basic necessities. Before you spent any money you wanted to ensure that camping was your style, and that your shiny new portable camp shower fit-the-bill. That approach is both logical and understandable. After a few trips to the woods it starts dawning on you the extra comfort that some simple camp shower accessories like a mesh floor or a shower pole can bring. But where do you start? After going out a few times you start realizing the additions that will best suit your needs. We have a list below of some of the most advantageous accessories.

Camp showers can have additions that give them the feel of being at home. After your investigation points you to the right camp shower accessories then you simply need to choose a brand. How long does your camp showers time need to be? Do you need to evaluate the weight of your camp shower accessories, or will the car be close to your camp? Are you looking for something to hang your towels on or your shower nozzle? Is having hot water important? A great way to figure out your camp shower accessories needs is by answering those questions.

Most camp shower accessories have multiple uses outside of camp showers. The more uses you find for your new accessory the more economical it becomes in the long run. Obtaining a hot shower can happen in two ways. Using a solar bag is one way but if your camping trip falls on a cloudy day or it gets too cold then the sun may not be able to heat the water as hot as you would like. To get around any chances of this happening you can purchase a propane shower. You can get some that are for inline use. This type heats the water while it is being used. Another type heats water in a tank before sending it out for use. The first option will give you the longer shower times by being able to hook it up to a never ending supply of water.

You can opt to buy a dual burner for your heaters that utilize a tank for heating water quicker. Installing a pole or spray nozzle are two useful camp shower accessories. A spray adapter is a great friend when it comes time to do the dishes or clean up your camping equipment. Keep warm while drying yourself after a shower with a heated fan. There is a long list of new and innovative camp shower accessories available. These are just the basics but they are a good start. Before any packaging of camp shower accessories equipment, dry them and make sure they are clean. Avoid any form of growth during storage by apply a resistant spray that does not damage any fabrics or plastics. Adding camp shower accessories to your gear is like taking the comforts of home with you.