Paha Que Camp Shower Floor

The Paha Que Camp Shower Floor is a tray like base which holds the used water when you shower. This is a useful accessory to have at campsites since it prevents formation of puddles. If the topography of the campsite is not flat, then the runoff water from showers stagnates in low lying ditches, triggering mosquito menace and unaesthetic visual appeal. Using this shower floor keeps the campsite environment clean and tidy.

This shower floor is designed to look like a big rectangular tray. The raised edges are sturdy and can hold water without bending or buckling under water pressure. It is provided with a outlet valve so that the water from the floor can be drained into a water container and discarded. This floor can be used for other purposes like washing pets and two wheelers in gardens and courtyards. The shower floor can hold up to 20 gallons of water. Listed below are the important features of the Paha Que Camp Shower Floor.


  • A 54 square inch area
  • Made of durable 150 D polyester oxford weave
  • Polyurethane waterproofing which is quick drying
  • An outlet for water into which, any standard garden hose can be fitted
  • Sturdy edges that retain nearly 20 gallons of water with out spilling
  • The floor fits perfectly into the Paha Que’ Tepee and Shower Outhouse
  • Comes with a lifetime warranty
  • It can be used for multiple purposes

Paha Que Camp Shower Floor Review

Pros and cons of the Paha Que Camp Shower Floor

The Paha Que Camp Shower Floor prevents mud in your camp shower and allows you to easily manage drainage.


  • The outlet arrangement makes it easy to discard used water
  • Comfortably priced
  • Multipurpose use in campsites and homes
  • Strong and durable design material
  • Can easily be stored and carried
  • The floor is layered with quick drying water proof material. So you don’t have to wait for long after draining to pack it up


  • Although a hose connected to the outlet valve will drain off most of the water, you will have to slightly tilt the floor to get all the water off it. Surely, the makers of this product were right in assuming that compromising on the rigidity of the floor in favor of saving a little manual labor is not the right thing to do.

Cleanliness and sanitation are among the most important considerations of the best camp showers. When the campsite location is on hilly terrain, then drainage of used water becomes a problem. Some camp grounds have certain regulations that do not allow irregular drainage of water. For such campsites, this is a handy product to have. It can be used for varied functions not only in your camp shower but at home and in the garden as well. It makes a perfect setting to wash your dog or vehicles without letting your garden become a slushy mess.

Best Price and Availability

Finding the Paha Que Camp Shower Floor in stock can be a frustrating task. It seems that very few retailers carry it, and of the few that do they are often sold out. It’s unlikely that you will find this camping shower accessory at the neighborhood sporting goods store. Your best shot for availability, as well as the best price is going to be online. Click here for the best current deal.

Paha Que Camp Shower Floor Sale

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