Battery Operated Camp Shower


Texsport Battery Operated Camp Shower

The Texsport Battery Operated Camp Shower comes in a totally waterproof case and is compact and portable for most camping needs. This shower features an extra long hose as well as a second host option that allows you to make it more versatile. It’s useful for all sorts of things, including washing dishes at the [...]

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Zodi Battery Powered Camp Shower

The Zodi battery powered camp shower is really a battery powered water pump. It is the same pump used in the higher-end Zodi camp showers like the “Hot Tap” series. It’s important to understand that it does not actually heat the water – it merely draws water from a source and pushes it through the [...]

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Enhance your camping trips by adding a battery operated camp shower. If you've spent much time camping at all then you have ran into times when you need to wash off or take a shower. You may have even tried to resolve your problems by pouring a water bottle over your head but that doesn't quite to the trick. Well relax, there is a better way. A battery operated shower can help you obtain the cleanliness you desire. Unlike camping shower bags, a battery operated camp shower can draw its water from a number of places and deliver it with pressure.

Battery operated camp showers offer many benefits to the outdoor enthusiast. Considering that the actual weight of a battery operated camp shower can be as light as two pounds, they are not a burden to pack and can even be used for hiking. Because they run on batteries, there's no need to setup near an electrical outlet, or search for the infamous "current-bush". Battery operated camp shower can be used wherever you want to use it. Even with the additional size & weight of the batteries, these models can be surprisingly small and compact. The best battery operated camp shower units are typically made up of durable plastic and is built to withstand the rigors of the outdoors. The batteries are encapsulated in a water tight case so there is no worry of shorting out. Some standard accessories that come with a battery operated camp shower are a flexible hose and shower head. Most have the options of either using a suction cup or a hook to hang them. Some showers even allow you to adjust the water flow delivering your ideal pressure.

A Battery Operated Camp Shower can go Anywhere

Due to its high portability, a battery operated camp shower can go anywhere. Using it at campsites or the beach are perfect places but have you also thought of being prepared incase of a disaster? We live in a world of earthquakes & hurricanes. If the utility service was interrupted for a few days or weeks you can still have showers and be able to clean house with a battery operated camp shower. Using these camp showers are a great way to give your dog or cat a bath also. Cleaning up dirty dishes in the woods can be made easy with a battery operated camp shower.

Advantages over Ordinary Camp Showers

Ordinary camp showers use the water's weight to push it down a tube to your shower head. A battery operated portable camping shower utilizes a water pump to deliver its water. Standard camp showers, like solar shower bags, are limited to their internal capacity where as a battery operated camp shower can give you a nearly endless supply of pressurized hot water - even drawing it directly out of a mountain stream. One quick tip however: be sure your battery operated camp shower has an internal screen to prevent debris from clogging it up. Most do, but it's something to check.

Make sure you pack some spare batteries with you so you don't run out of water pressure while washing your hair. Convenience, compactness, portability, and ruggedness can all be had in one simple to use device. This will make any outdoor outing for any size group more enjoyable.