Texsport Battery Operated Camp Shower

The Texsport Battery Operated Camp Shower comes in a totally waterproof case and is compact and portable for most camping needs. This shower features an extra long hose as well as a second host option that allows you to make it more versatile. It’s useful for all sorts of things, including washing dishes at the campsite or even washing your dog in the backyard! Since it uses batteries, it’s portable to campsites where you won’t have electricity, but you also won’t have to waste time pumping your shower by hand.

Features of the Texsport Battery Operated Camp Shower

One of the main features of the Texsport Battery Operated Camp Shower is that it has an ergonomic shower head that really provides you with some good water pressure for a nice shower. The handled shower head is also convenient for doing other tasks, such as washing dishes at the campsite or giving your animals a bath in the driveway.

Other Features Include:

  • Two hose lengths for ultimate flexibility – 6 foot hose and 3 foot hose both included
  • Takes four batteries and lasts for quite a while on the power they provide

Texsport Battery Operated Camp Shower Review

Pros and Cons of This Battery Operated Camp Shower

As far as a battery operated camp shower goes, the Texsport Battery Operated Camp Shower is fairly basic. However, it features a rugged waterproof plastic case so you don’t have to worry about the batteries getting wet.

Other Pros:

  • Ergonomic showerhead is versatile enough to use in different situations
  • Super lightweight and compact for ultimate portability
  • Flexible hoses can be used with a showering tent or on their own


  • According to some reviewers, this unit may have problems making contact with the batteries. If this is the case, you can shave off some of the plastic around the battery areas to get them to connect better. It’s a minor issue easily fixed!

Is The TexSport Battery Operated Camp Shower for You?

If you’re looking for an affordable, basic way to get a shower when you’re out in the middle of nowhere, the Texsport Battery Operated Camp Shower may be it. It’s really affordable, and it weighs next to nothing. It’s not hard to use and doesn’t include a lot of extra fancy parts that can break. Plus, with the two hose lengths, you can more conveniently use it for all the things you need running water for at your campsite.

Best Price and Availability

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Texsport Battery Operated Camp Shower Sale

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