Camp Shower Tent


Paha Que Fiberglass Pole Camp Shower Tent

The Paha Que Fiberglass Pole Camp Shower Tent is a great option for families or groups who are camping with tall people in tow. It stands at seven feet tall, so even really tall people can comfortably stand up in this tent, which can be used as an outhouse, a shower house, or a changing [...]

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Outback Porta Privy Camp Shower Tent

The Outback Porta Privy Camp Shower Tent is the perfect solution if you need an affordable, fast way to provide some privacy at your campground. It can be used as a shield for a portable camp toilet or as a showering tent, depending on your needs. In fact, these pop up tents are so affordable [...]

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Grand Trunk Dunny Camp Shower Tent

The Grand Trunk Dunny camp shower tent is one of the lightest, biggest and easy to use showering shelters available on the market today. It can be set up in very little time and seeks to solve all issues and problems related to sanitation on a camping trip. The Grand Trunk Dunny can be configured [...]

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Paha Que Grey Aluminum Camp Shower Tent

The Paha Que Grey Aluminum Camp Shower Tent provides a hygienic and private enclosure for showering, changing, restroom in campsites. Without a convenient plumbing facility, hygiene in campsites is a major issue. Privacy for showering and changing also becomes a challenge when camping with friends and family. This multi purpose tent can be quite a [...]

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Cleanwaste Go Anywhere Camp Shower Tent

The Cleanwaste Go Anywhere Camp Shower Tent has been designed to provide privacy to campers. Everyone needs a little space no matter where they might be, inside the house or out in the wild. Consequently, Cleanwaste has introduced this product to grant the outdoor adventurers some lone time where they could comfortably carry out their [...]

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Paha Que Grey Fiberglass Camp Shower Tent

One of the biggest problems you can face at campsites is the absence of a decent restroom or shower, particularly if a number of members of your family or friends have come along for the trip. The new Paha Que Grey Fiberglass Camp Shower Tent seeks to solve all such issues. The shower tent can [...]

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There are many benefits that come with using a camp shower tent to enclose your outdoor showering facility. Consider the privacy to start with. Regardless of the amount of other campers and hikers around, putting up and using a camp shower tent provides privacy and the relaxed feeling of being alone -- diminishing the risk of being able to shower without the whole world seeing will give you a much more relaxed shower and a better experience. If you're alone you still need a camp shower tent. You won't have any shocking discoveries of peeping toms. Pop up camp shower tents and double camp shower tents are also readily obtainable, and surprisingly affordable!

You have multiple ways to use a camp shower tent. Have you thought about utilizing it to protect your gear in a rain storm or as a privacy enclosure for changing clothes? The ideas are endless but for the time being, we'll focus on camping showers. One way to explain the purpose of a camp shower tent is to describe it as something that serves as a curtain for your shower and helps keep water runoff from happening, which can help keep your campsite from being muddy. A camp shower tent comes in different. There are inexpensive models that setup in lightning speed, known as pop up tents, and there are larger models available as well that are more durable and better suited for longer stays and/or when bad weather or windy conditions could be a factor.

Pop Up Camp Shower Tents

There are many ways to use pop up camp shower tents. Pop up camping shower tents are not limited to just camp showers. Use them as a curtain for changing clothes or use them with your portable toilet as a convenient outhouse. Pop up camp shower tents can be up and ready to use in three seconds while many f the more durable and larger shower tents may require additional setup & tear-down time.

Double Camp Shower Tents

Double camp shower tents offer some extra benefits. How large of a camping group will you have? Cut the shower line in half with a larger shower enclosure. Double camp shower tents have a purpose in small groups as well. You can simply use it to allow a place for people to dry off quickly in private or use it for ones getting ready to take their shower offering them a great place to undress. The possibilities of any type of a camp shower tent are endless.

Other Uses for Camp Showers

Camp showers are more than just a luxury camping item, they also work well in emergency situations at home and camp shower tents come in handy in more places than just the campground too. They make for great temporary changing tents at the beach for instance. This is particularly true with the many pop up versions available today. They are lightweight, they pack down well, and can be set up and torn-down in seconds. They also make great camping toilet privacy tents for fishing & hunting trips, and family road trips too!

Adding a camp shower tent to your camping equipment is like adding privacy to your camping fun. Not only will you feel relaxed and secure but it will also add enjoyment in ways you didn't think of. With all the uses, it's sure to be one of your best, and most appreciated, outdoor equipment investments.