Cleanwaste Go Anywhere Camp Shower Tent

The Cleanwaste Go Anywhere Camp Shower Tent has been designed to provide privacy to campers. Everyone needs a little space no matter where they might be, inside the house or out in the wild. Consequently, Cleanwaste has introduced this product to grant the outdoor adventurers some lone time where they could comfortably carry out their everyday chores like taking a shower, changing clothes, or even “doing-their-business”. It is also used as a private bathroom facility because it is better when you have some space to yourself when you’re carrying out these activities. There is also an option to uncover the windows for suitable cross ventilation.

Although The Cleanwaste Go Anywhere Camp Shower Tent is not the only shower tent you will find, its thoughtful design and durable construction makes it one of the best camp showers currently on the market.

Features – Cleanwaste Go Anywhere Camp Shower Tent

The Cleanwaste Go Anywhere Camp Shower Tent is very easy to set up – anyone can install it within seconds because of its clever, integrated pole design – which means you will never lose the parts. Pull up the cord and lock the poles on its places. The ground secure flaps that are inclusive with the product secure the tent for campers to use as a changing room, bathroom or shower stall. Also, there is space to hang the shower hose and a convenient storage pocket to keep waste kits.

  • Integrated pole design makes it a no-brainer, fast and easy to install shower tent.
  • 3 covered windows provide optimal cross ventilation.
  • Storage space available for kits and supplies.
  • Large 6 foot 6 inch high with a 64 inch tall zippered door.
  • Ropes and stakes are included with the tent; 3 secure flaps are also included.
  • Weighs just 7 pounds.
  • Made of durable Taffeta 10C material which is flame retardant.

Cleanwaste Go Anywhere Camp Shower Tent Review

Cleanwaste’s Best Camp Showers – Pros and Cons

Best camp showers need a shower tent appropriate to your needs. While going shopping for a camping shower tent, make sure you know what you are looking for. Even the tallest of the campers should be able to fit in without any awkwardness and there should be plenty of space available to serve all the three purposes of a bathroom facility, changing room and shower room. Pros and cons of The Cleanwaste Go Anywhere Camp Shower Tent have been discussed for your convenience and to help you make a better judgment.


  • Installs easily and within seconds.
  • Functions equally well as a camping toilet tent.
  • Roomy; 6 foot 6 inch tall, 64 inch high door.
  • Windows provide excellent cross-ventillation.
  • Users can store their supplies in the base pocket.


  • Compared to lower quality alternatives, you’ll pay a few bucks more for the Cleanwaste tent at first, but it will pay for itself in the long run with its long-lasting, durable design.

Cleanwaste’s camp shower tent is a blessing for all outdoor enthusiast – it is safe, clean and invariably essential for any excursion. Whether it is to take it to the beach for changing clothes or as a shower tent, it is easy to install, comfortable to use and durable. Take it with you the next time and you’ll know the pleasure simple privacy can give.

Best Price and Availability

Very few stores currently stock the Cleanwaste Go Anywhere camp shower tent and of the few that do, they typically charge full retail price. You’ll obviously find your best deals on line. Click here for today’s Best Price.

Cleanwaste Go Anywhere Camp Shower Tent Sale

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