Grand Trunk Dunny Camp Shower Tent

The Grand Trunk Dunny camp shower tent is one of the lightest, biggest and easy to use showering shelters available on the market today. It can be set up in very little time and seeks to solve all issues and problems related to sanitation on a camping trip. The Grand Trunk Dunny can be configured easily and in less than five minutes. With its myriad features, the tent is one of the simplest to use and most convenient shower tents currently available.

Features of the Grand Trunk Dunny Camp Shower Tent

The Dunny tent comes with numerous features that prove to be very convenient for any and all outdoor activities pertaining specifically to the campsite. The Grand Trunk Dunny Camp Shower Tent comes with a hammock made of mesh that is removable and that can be hung to hold a solar shower bag for bathing, or various other bathroom accessories and toiletries. The tent also possesses portals with zippers on its three walls. These let you dry your towels and also allow access to your towels from inside your tent. Additionally, the tent also possesses wet and dry pockets which is a nice feature that lets you keep your dry stuff dry while showering.
Functioning as both a camping toilet tent as well as a camp shower tent, Grand Trunk includes a couple of details that specifically pertain to showering – such as a removable rainfly with panels that can be used for heating a solar shower on hot and sunny days as well as a floor that is waterproof and removable, designed to let the water from the shower drain out. Since the floor is removable, you can bathe in even the muddiest conditions without getting your feet dirty.

Grand Trunk Dunny Camp Shower Tent Review

  • The Dunny tent is one of the largest, most spacious shower tents – fitting as many as three or four people inside at once – Just imagine how much fun that could be!
  • Includes guy lines and pockets on the interior to keep clothes dry and clean and also for easily accessing any toiletries and other items
  • Strong enough to support the weight of a solar camp shower bag
  • Can be setup and configured very conveniently and in a matter of minutes

Is this Tent one of the Best Camp Showers?

The new and innovative Grand Trunk Dunny Camp Shower Tent is truly one of the best camp showers on the market today. Both, easy to use as well as extremely convenient and effective, the Dunny will compliment any camping trip.

Best Price & Availability

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