Paha Que Fiberglass Pole Camp Shower Tent

The Paha Que Fiberglass Pole Camp Shower Tent is a great option for families or groups who are camping with tall people in tow. It stands at seven feet tall, so even really tall people can comfortably stand up in this tent, which can be used as an outhouse, a shower house, or a changing room for extra privacy. This camp shower tent is specifically designed to be used with camping showers, and it has many features that make it suitable for this role. Here’s what else you need to know about the Paha Que Fiberglass Pole Camp Shower Tent.

Features of the Paha Que Fiberglass Pole Camp Shower Tent

One of the main features of the Paha Que Fiberglass Pole Camp Shower Tent that makes it great is that it comes with an oversized carrying bag. Everyone who’s camped before knows how annoying it is to try to get a sleeping bag or tent into a too-compact stuff sack! You don’t have to worry about that with this camp shower tent, which easily fits into its over-large bag without too much fuss.

Other Features:

  • Removable ‘attic’ on the top of the tent holds gear and a shower bag or comes off if you don’t need it there
  • Zippered portals on three sides mean you can privately reach outside of the tent to grab a towel or clothing hanging nearby
  • Mesh panel at the top vents the tent, which is perfect for hot showers, particularly
  • Comes with adjustable, reflective guylines that hold the tent in place in whatever weather conditions are around

Paha Que Fiberglass Pole Camp Shower Tent Review

Pros and Cons of the Paha Que Fiberglass Pole Camp Shower Tent

The Paha Que Fiberglass Pole Camp Shower Tent was designed by campers for campers, so it’s full of features that set it apart from other shower tents on the market. One of the main pros is that it weighs just ten pounds. It’s too large for a backpacker, obviously, but it’s still a lightweight option for bas campers and hunters who don’t mind hauling a bit of extra gear to have a private shower or bathroom area.


  • Dry storage pockets inside the tent keep shower accessories dry during your shower
  • Removable floor means you can use the tent over a dug-in latrine
  • Fiberglass poles are long lasting but lightweight
  • Carrying case includes a shoulder strap for even easier transport


  • Some reviewers note that the channels for the fiberglass poles are a little too tight and can cause problems when setting up and tearing down the tent. At first, you may need to set it up slowly, but in time, the high quality fabric of this tent will stretch to allow the channels a bit more room.

Are Paha Que Shower Tents for You?

These shower tents are great for families or groups who need a high-quality option for many camping trips. Paha Que tents can be a bit heavier and harder to set up than a simple popup camp shower tent might be, but they also will probably last longer and have more useful features than cheaper options.

Best Price and Availability

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Paha Que Fiberglass Pole Camp Shower Tent Sale

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