Paha Que Grey Aluminum Camp Shower Tent

The Paha Que Grey Aluminum Camp Shower Tent provides a hygienic and private enclosure for showering, changing, restroom in campsites. Without a convenient plumbing facility, hygiene in campsites is a major issue. Privacy for showering and changing also becomes a challenge when camping with friends and family. This multi purpose tent can be quite a handy accessory to have in campsites to solve all these concerns.

What the Paha Que Grey Aluminum Camp Shower Tent Consists Of

A Paha Que Grey Aluminum Camp Shower Tent is a teepee that is 94 inches long and has a floor space of 54 square inches. Its multi-faceted design is equipped with a detachable floor, a hammock like roof that can be opened to the sky and can hold solar shower bags, zippered side flaps for ventilation and pockets for holding both wet and dry articles. The features of this shower tent are listed below.

  • It is built out of durable 150 D polyester oxford weave and is water proofed with polyurethane
  • The 4 vertical poles for the walls and 4 horizontal poles for the roof are made out of lightweight but strong shock corded aluminum alloys
  • The design of this camp shower makes it easy to install
  • A multi purpose removable hammock like roof
  • Detachable floor
  • Flaps for cross ventilation
  • Mesh pockets for storing wet and dry articles separately
  • Weighs around 12 pounds
  • Portals to hang washed clothes and towels
  • Easy to install

Paha Que Grey Aluminum Camp Shower Tent Review

What to look for in the Best Camp Showers

The Paha Que Grey Aluminum Camp Shower Tent is not just a showering and changing enclosure. It is loaded with features that make it handy and convenient to use for various purposes in campsites. It can be also be set up in gardens and used like an outhouse. When you go shopping for the best camp showers, keep your requirements in mind and check whether the product that you are going to buy fits your need. Below are a few benefits the Paha Que Grey Aluminum Camp Shower Tent offers.

  • The overhanging roof is its best part. It acts as a rain shelter and can also be opened to let the sun in to heat 5 gallon solar water heaters.
  • The detachable floor can be removed to dig latrine holes. So, it provides a private and clean restroom.
  • Convenient provision for hanging towels and clothes
  • Quick and easy installation
  • The light weight makes it comfortable to carry around

The Paha Que Grey Aluminum Camp Shower Tent is a comprehensive solution to your camping sanitation challenges. It is compact in design along with being easy to install. It can be easily carried by an adult person, although it is slightly heavy for children. Built out of durable polyester weave and coated with weather resistant water proof, this shower tent is affordable and long lasting. When camping with family and friends, this privacy shelter makes camping a comfortable experience.

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Paha Que Grey Aluminum Camp Shower Tent Sale

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