Paha Que Grey Fiberglass Camp Shower Tent

One of the biggest problems you can face at campsites is the absence of a decent restroom or shower, particularly if a number of members of your family or friends have come along for the trip. The new Paha Que Grey Fiberglass Camp Shower Tent seeks to solve all such issues. The shower tent can be configured easily and has a new and improved color coded pole sleeve made of fiberglass in addition to having a strap system which can be set up and configured within five minutes. Therefore, the tent can be said to be an evolution of shower and restroom facilities that are available in campsites and can be grouped among the best camp showers.

Paha Que Grey Fiberglass Camp Shower Tent – Features

The tent comes with numerous features that prove to be convenient when you are out camping such as the no-see-um net roof as well as side panels at the bottom that offer excellent ventilation. The Paha Que Grey Fiberglass Camp Shower Tent also comes with a mesh hammock, which is removable and can be hung to hold toiletries or shower bags. The tent also contains portals with zippers on its three walls. These allow you to lay your towels out to dry and you can still access the towels from inside your tent. Additionally, the tent also has dry and wet pockets for storage in order to store your various toilet accessories.

Also included in this privacy tent are a couple of details that specifically pertain to showering. These include a removable rain-fly with panels that can be used for heating solar showers on hot and sunny days as well as a waterproof floor which is removable and designed to let the water from the shower drain out. The floor being removable, you can also shower while on the grass or even dig out a toilet pit and convert the Paha Que Grey Fiberglass Camp Shower Tent into an out of the way private outhouse of sorts (though a proper camping toilet would be recommended). Alternatively, the tent could also be used for changing clothes.

Paha Que Grey Fiberglass Camp Shower Tent Review

  • The tent comes with a removable rain-fly that has two panels which can be used for heating a solar shower
  • The floor of the tent can be detached so that you can dig a latrine pit if needed
  • Also comes with an overhead gear hammock of mesh
  • Poles made of fiberglass
  • No-see-um netting for the roof
  • Has a floor area of 54 inches square and a maximum height of 94 inches

Pah Que Shelters are Among the Best Camp Shower Tents?

If you are still having doubts whether this popular privacy tent is worth it, put those doubts to rest. The Paha Que Grey Fiberglass Camp Shower Tent is a first of its kind tent which can provide for all your campsite restroom and shower needs. With its myriad features and conveniences, it is safe to say that Paha Que produces some of the highest quality tents and camping equipment in the industry and their shower enclosures are some of the best camp showers around.

Best Price and Availability

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Paha Que Grey Fiberglass Camp Shower Tent Sale

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