Camp Showers

Paha Que Camp Shower Floor

The Paha Que Camp Shower Floor is a tray like base which holds the used water when you shower. This is a useful accessory to have at campsites since it prevents formation of puddles. If the topography of the campsite is not flat, then the runoff water from showers stagnates in low lying ditches, triggering [...]

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Cleanwaste Go Anywhere Camp Shower Tent

The Cleanwaste Go Anywhere Camp Shower Tent has been designed to provide privacy to campers. Everyone needs a little space no matter where they might be, inside the house or out in the wild. Consequently, Cleanwaste has introduced this product to grant the outdoor adventurers some lone time where they could comfortably carry out their [...]

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Reliance 5 Gallon Solar Camp Shower

Camp showers are essential for campers, hikers and anyone who enjoys the outdoors. The Reliance 5 Gallon Solar Camp Shower does not only provide you hot water when you’re sweaty and tired, but it provides you hot water without using any electricity. As the name suggests, it uses the sun’s rays to heat up the [...]

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Zodi X-40 Propane Camp Shower

The Zodi X-40 Propane Camp Shower is a useful aide for camping trips. It provides instant hot water for the entire camping site. Owing to its 16 foot long hose, hot water is accessible all over the camp, without having to relocate the camp shower. It does not require frequent re-fills, since it is capable [...]

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Paha Que Grey Fiberglass Camp Shower Tent

One of the biggest problems you can face at campsites is the absence of a decent restroom or shower, particularly if a number of members of your family or friends have come along for the trip. The new Paha Que Grey Fiberglass Camp Shower Tent seeks to solve all such issues. The shower tent can [...]

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Camp showers may not be the first thing that pops into our mind when contemplating an up-coming camping trip, but it is well worth taking some time to realizing the benefits of camp showers. On a family outing, adding a camp shower to your camping gear can offer many pleasures you may not have thought of. It could easily mean the difference between a happy camper in the group, and a complaining one. The campers that look towards the more adventurous side of being farther away from the crowds can also increase their camping enjoyment by adding one of many camp showers to their pack without being weighted down. With so many camp showers to choose from and so many options like a propane camp shower, it is a cinch you will find the one that best fits your camping habits.

The Best Camp Showers

Searching for the best camp showers can be an easy task if you start looking at where and how you intend to camp. These factors will give you the best guide to the most suitable camping shower for you and your camping group. Does your camping take a lot of hiking to your campsite? Is this going to be a family camping trip? Is it important that you have a hot shower? Have you considered any privacy issues or thought about a camp shower tent? Deciding on the best camp showers for your situation is easy once these questions have been answered.

Camp Shower Tent

A camp shower tent adds that extra little piece of privacy. The perfect way to obtain privacy in the great outdoors is by using a camp shower tent. Imagine camping in your local state park with other family campers nearby. A camp shower tent will offer you a feeling of protection and ease. It will also add more enjoyment and relaxation to your camping group - giving you an overall better experience.

The best camp showers geared more towards family or large groups are the ones that have the largest holding capabilities and provide a camp shower tent. This way everyone will have a chance to grab a shower and wash in privacy. Even with the larger camp showers holding around five gallons of water, when multiple users are in line for the shower, you still have to be quick and wash fast. Otherwise the water could run out before your camping buddies have a chance to wash off. Larger capacity camp showers like the ZODI Outback Gear X-40 and Hot Tap series are the solution for larger groups and longer stays, particularly when weight is not an issue, such as car-camping. These type of camping showers heat water quickly so if you run out it doesn't take long to get more. Another way to add more time to your shower is by looking at the flow rate of your shower head. Most shower heads have an adjustment that will regulate the water flow.

Propane Camp Shower

A propane camp shower is the "luxury" camp shower option but does have a few drawbacks. They typically weigh more (with the required propane tanks) which doesn't make them the best choice for hiking-in camping trips or anywhere that weight is an issue. In these situations, solar camp shower bags may be the best option. Solar camp showers are compact and lightweight to carry. The drawback is that they rely on the sun to heat up your shower water and if your camping trips fall on a cloudy day then you may have to be content with taking a cold shower. If the weather is just too cold then a small type of propane camp shower may be your only option.

Your camping experience can be improved for everyone when you look at the fact that everyone can have the feeling of being clean and refreshed. Even the best camp showers have had a lot of improvements since the days of creek bathing and always losing your soap. Now you can have the enjoyment of warm showers that offer great privacy for all your camping trips to come.