Propane Camp Shower


Zodi Extreme Tank Propane Camp Shower

The Zodi Extreme Tank Propane Camp Shower is a great option if you want the luxury of a super-hot shower in the backwoods. Unlike shower bags or solar showers, this shower can actually get your water hot, rather than simply warm. Plus, it gets you a hot shower in minutes, whether it’s sunny outside or [...]

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Zodi Hot Tap Propane Camp Shower

The Zodi Hot Tap Propane Camp Shower is an interesting option as far as a propane camp shower goes. It works differently than some camp showers, and it both heats and pumps water from whatever source you have available. Basically, you hook up the heater, which comes in either a single or double burner model, [...]

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Zodi HP Double Burner Propane Camp Shower

The Zodi HP Double Burner Propane Camp Shower provides instant hot water at campsites. Unlike the standard Zodi “Hot Tap” that only has one burner; the Hot Tap HP is fitted with double propane burners which give it more power for colder environments. For those who love spending time outdoors and often take off on [...]

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Zodi X-40 Propane Camp Shower

The Zodi X-40 Propane Camp Shower is a useful aide for camping trips. It provides instant hot water for the entire camping site. Owing to its 16 foot long hose, hot water is accessible all over the camp, without having to relocate the camp shower. It does not require frequent re-fills, since it is capable [...]

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Because of hot water that a propane camp shower produces, you can enjoy showers outside regardless of cold weather. Even though the temperatures might be frigid is no reason not to go camping. Upgrading your old camp showers for a propane camp shower will give you warm water for your shower in no time at all. The size tank available in a propane camp shower can give you the flexibility of servicing a large family or using the smaller tanks will give you the freedom to pack it anywhere.

The uses of a propane camp shower are virtually endless. At home it can be used for a quick clean up after playing outside or a dirty job before entering the house. Why not take it fishing with you! Or pack it up the next time you head out to the beach. Portable camping showers are a perfect solution for avoiding sand in your vehicle. Regardless of what you're doing outside you can use a propane camp shower to give you hot water.

Propane Camp Showers - Hot Water despite Weather Conditions

A propane camp shower utilizes a flammable gas to heat your water. This makes it more versatile over solar camp showers that can only be heated by sun exposure. It doesn't matter if it is heavy overcast or chilly outside, you can have hot water. Although the size of tank varies from propane camp shower to shower, their still are several types that are small and perfect for traveling and hiking. Most models come with an electronic ignition built right in to make lighting the gas easy and safe. Looking at most models, a propane camp shower can be hooked up to any size propane tank. This decision would be based largely on the application of your shower. You can even use it in your cabin in the woods for getting a hot shower. Some types can hook up to tanks that only hold a few ounces of gas to make them more portable. Although the tank on you propane camp shower can vary; there are also models that can be taped directly into a continual supply of water like a stream.

Propane Camp Shower Safety

Be aware that the fuel your propane camp shower uses to heat up your water is highly flammable and therefore, obviously require a few safety precautions. The tanks are well designed for their intended use with safety in mind and it could be dangerous to misuse them or cause damage to them. A thorough inspection should be performed every time you use the tank and when you're finished. Your propane camp shower can come equipped with an ignition switch and a fuel regulator. Turning off the valve on your propane tank when you are ready to store it away is more than just a smart idea. As a caution tip, do not over tighten the valve. This could result in damage to the valve allowing it to leak.

Giving the pleasure of hot water for your camp showers while engaging in outdoor activities will improve the overall quality of your outdoor experience. It's the perfect invention that will give enjoyment for many outings to come. Using your propane camp shower for washing off yourself, doing the dirty dishes, or cleaning up your gear, even when it's cold outside, will make outdoor chores seem more enjoyable.