Zodi HP Double Burner Propane Camp Shower

The Zodi HP Double Burner Propane Camp Shower provides instant hot water at campsites. Unlike the standard Zodi “Hot Tap” that only has one burner; the Hot Tap HP is fitted with double propane burners which give it more power for colder environments. For those who love spending time outdoors and often take off on camping trips irrespective of the season, this propane camp shower is a very useful camping accessory.

What to look for in the Best Camp Showers?

The best camp showers should provide warm water for bathing, should have sufficient water pressure for you to enjoy a good shower and you should be able to use it whenever and wherever you feel like showering. They also have to be easy to carry and handle, and the hoses and tubes should be leak proof.

The Zodi HP Double Burner Propane Camp Shower is a double cylinder water heater, with a battery powered water pump that runs on 4 D batteries contained in a water proof box. The push button ignition makes it a cinch to use and operate. A plastic box, which can double as a storage box for the equipment and a water source, is included with the camping shower. Since it contains two propane cylinders, this camping shower is slightly heavier than other camping showers, but it’s the second burner that gives it the extra heating power needed to bring even the coldest water up to comfortable showering temperatures. Some important features of this camping shower are listed below.

  • Heater runs on 2 standard 16.4oz disposable propane tanks
  • Pump is powered by 4 standard “D” cell batteries
  • Simple push-button ignition
  • Stainless steel double burners are built to last without corroding
  • Double burners offer twice the heating power of standard single burner water heaters.
  • Heats water to more than 100 degrees even in the coldest conditions
  • A well thought-out, compact system that packs-away in it included case that doubles as a water source container.

Zodi Hp Double Burner Propane Camp Shower Review

Pros and cons of the Zodi HP Double Burner Propane Camp Shower

The Zodi HP Double Burner Propane Camp Shower biggest advantage is the extra heating power it offers. Unlike many single-burner water heaters, the HP can draw it’s water from the coldest sources and easily heat it, on demand, to well over 100 degrees. It does cost a few bucks more than the standard model, but if you camp in cold environments it is well worth it.

The Good

  • Extremely hot water within seconds, even in the coldest conditions
  • Variable water temperature control
  • Self-contained system
  • Useful in all weather conditions

The Bad

  • The main drawback to the Zodi Hot Tap HP is that it does cost a little more than the standard Zodi Hot Tap. But, for that few extra dollars you get a more versatile camp shower that can be used year round and in most any conditions.

The Zodi HP Double Burner Propane Camp Shower is convenient to use in all seasons and different weather conditions. It is easy to handle, carry and use. For group camping, this is very useful. It makes a good campsite accessory.

Best Deal and Availability

The Zodi HP can be found at a few specialty sporting goods stores but you will usually pay full retail. The best deals are obviously online. Click Here for the Current Best Deal.

Zodi Hp Double Burner Propane Camp Shower Sale

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