Zodi X-40 Propane Camp Shower

The Zodi X-40 Propane Camp Shower is a useful aide for camping trips. It provides instant hot water for the entire camping site. Owing to its 16 foot long hose, hot water is accessible all over the camp, without having to relocate the camp shower. It does not require frequent re-fills, since it is capable of providing up to 50 hours of continuous hot water between subsequent propane refills. The X-40, as it is called in short, is a high output machine, fitted with a powerful 12 V pump.

The Zodi X-40 Propane Camp Shower comes with a universal garden hose connection, which ensures compatibility with any other garden hose and/or spigot for better handling and convenience. The high output pump is able to ensure a steady and high water pressure as needed. The X-40 also has an electronic ignition for instant start, which makes it convenient and easy to use.

Additionally, the machine is tough and rugged, making it possible to use it outdoors in any environment or climate. The ruggedness however is not a trade-off with handling convenience, since the X-40 is equipped with retractable legs and a compact storage bag. This enables easy transportation as well as storage. Owing to these features, in our opinion the Zodi X-40 Propane Camp Shower emerges as one of the best camp showers available.

Zodi X-40 Propane Camp Shower Review

Zodi’s Reputation for the Best Camp Showers

Zodi has earned a solid reputation for making some of the best camp showers on the market. The X-40 has certain features that make it reliable and durable as well as convenient to use in varied external environments. Some of the features that make the X-40 stand out are listed below.

  • It is equipped with a 40,000 BTU burner, which facilitates instant delivery of hot water in an uninterrupted manner.
  • This camp shower is capable of functioning uninterruptedly in rugged and harsh external environments owing to its 100% steel construction.
  • It contains an extra long 16 foot hose to enable availability of hot water across the entire camping site, without having to physically move the camp shower.
  • An electronic ignition and a standard gas regulator are fitted on the X-40. These facilitate instant and easy access to hot water at any time.

Pros & Cons of the Zodi X-40 Propane Camp Shower

Despite the numerous advantages and benefits of the Zodi X-40 propane camp shower, there are some trade-offs as well. The one disadvantage that stands out is its overall size and bulkiness. It weighs 35 pounds and hence is not ideally suited for backpacking or hiking trips. Moreover, the price of the X-40 is slightly on the higher side and could be out of reach for the less-committed outdoorsman, who would prefer a more compact, portable and cheaper solution on camping trips.

The Zodi X-40 Propane Camp Shower is thus ideally suited for car camping trips and base camp applications. Moreover, its ease and convenience of use as well as its reliability and ruggedness qualifies it as one of the best camp showers around.

Availability and Best Price

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Zodi X-40 Propane Camp Shower Sale

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