Solar Camp Shower


Stearns Sun Shower 2.5 Gallon Solar Camp Shower

The Stearns Sun Shower 2.5 Gallon Solar Camp shower is one of the better quality solar shower bags on the market. Built of durable 4-ply construction the Stearns solar showers are designed to stand-up to the rigors of outdoor use. The biggest thing that sets this bag apart however, aside from its more durable design, [...]

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Reliance 5 Gallon Solar Camp Shower

Camp showers are essential for campers, hikers and anyone who enjoys the outdoors. The Reliance 5 Gallon Solar Camp Shower does not only provide you hot water when you’re sweaty and tired, but it provides you hot water without using any electricity. As the name suggests, it uses the sun’s rays to heat up the [...]

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Going out into the woods with a solar camp shower gives you the benefits of having hot water in your shower. The added gain by itself is going to be sufficient enough to make you want to stay a little longer out camping then you previously planned. Envision being out in the woods and feeling like you are in your own shower at home. A solar camp shower might be associated with camping but it can be used for other areas in outside life as well. A solar camp shower has many ranges and sizes and its wear resistant will add years to your enjoyment of camp showers.

How Solar Camp Showers Work

Plastic or rubber makes up most of the solar camp shower. A solar camp shower uses the heat from the sun to warm up the water inside a bag. The bag has a clear side on it allowing water to warm rapidly by the sun's rays. Even with its simplicity of use, the benefits go beyond the effort of having to fill the bag with water. If you are camping on a cold or cloudy day then you should expose your solar camp shower so that the clear side of the bag gets the most exposure from the sun as possible. Most showers come with a hose with a nozzle attached ready of use.

Solar Camp Shower Options

A solar camp shower has different bag sizes. Assess your needs before purchasing a shower. A solar camp shower can hold anywhere between 2.5 and 10 gallons of water depending on the size of the bag. The lower gallon capacity is designed for the single camper or with two people camping in mind while the higher gallons can support more showers or longer duration. When you are ready to move on the solar camp shower easily rolls up and can be quickly packed away. A solar camp shower is inexpensive, little maintenance, and only takes up minimal space.

No matter where you are, anytime you need to get clean you can use camp showers to do so. Bringing it along to the beach is a wonderful way to wash off the sand after playing in the ocean. Dirty from work or sweating after a long day of play outside? Use your camping shower at home to rinse off before going into the house. A solar camp shower will add warmth to your water making your shower more enjoyable. One hindrance to a solar camp shower is that it's not very effective in the colder months. On days like that you can use heaters to heat up your water but the extra weight of them begins to be an issue. If you are a hiker then the solar camp shower is going to be your best choice.

Accessories that add hot water to your camp showers will take you from being drawn up and in a hurry to get out of the shower to taking a shower for a relaxing hot clean feeling.