Reliance 5 Gallon Solar Camp Shower

Camp showers are essential for campers, hikers and anyone who enjoys the outdoors. The Reliance 5 Gallon Solar Camp Shower does not only provide you hot water when you’re sweaty and tired, but it provides you hot water without using any electricity. As the name suggests, it uses the sun’s rays to heat up the water and hence, requires no electricity outlet which makes it an excellent choice for campers.

All the best camp showers serve one purpose – provide hot water when the campers need to freshen themselves up. With the Reliance 5 Gallon Solar Camp Shower, all you need is sun to get hot water. Evidently, in 2.5 hours, it can heat the water up to 100 degrees Fahrenheit (37 degrees Celsius). The Reliance 5 Gallon Solar Camp Shower functions in a rather simple, but effective fashion. The surface of the bag is made of black polyethylene which absorbs light and transfer it to the water stored in the bag. It keeps the water warm even after the sun stops shining because of high specific heat value of the water. Thus, campers get hot water showers even when there is no heating source available nearby.

Features of the Reliance 5 Gallon Solar Camp Shower

The Reliance 5 Gallon Solar Camp Shower is one of the best camp showers you will find in the market because of the features it offers. Other than it being ideal for people who love outdoor activities, it can also be a refreshing relief while fishing, surfing, hiking, sailing, mountain biking, swimming, or what have you. It heats up water in 2.5 hours of keeping it under the sun and keeps it warm for sometime even after the sun sets. It is portable, easy to carry and can be used most anywhere.

  • 5 gallon capacity
  • S hook and cable to hang the shower up
  • Huge shower head that provides maximum water flow
  • Large capacity, enough for 2-4 showers
  • Thick hose to prevent kinking
  • Easily operated with on/off valve

Reliance 5 Gallon Solar Camp Shower Review

Pros and Cons of Reliance’s Best Camp Showers

To decide whether or not the product will fit your requirements, you need to know both the positive and negative points. The pros and cons of the Reliance 5 Gallon Solar Camp Shower are discussed below.


  • Great for campers and hikers
  • Portable and easy to operate
  • Stores easily when not in use
  • Doesn’t require electricity to operate
  • Environment friendly
  • Protected against leakage
  • Inexpensive


  • At 5 gallons the bag becomes quite heavy after water is added. Obviously this is common of all solar showers in this size, but is worth noting all the same.
  • It costs a few bucks less than its alternatives but the over-all quality suffers some – particularly when compared to the Advanced Elements solar showers.
  • Does not heat water as quickly as some of the other 5 gallon solar showers such as the Advanced Elements 5 Gallon model.

This product is perfect for campers as it doesn’t require anything other than the sun’s rays to heat up the water and it stores neatly for easy transport to the campground, the beach, or the park because its compressible, though it is advised not to store it in the car after filling it up with water but add water at the campsite. The price of this solar camp shower is fairly reasonable available at $11.99. Hang up the shower, attach the shower head and enjoy the hot water shower to get yourself fresh and ready for the expedition.

Best Price & Availability

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Reliance 5 Gallon Solar Camp Shower Sale

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